Baseball Season has begun!

Ok so the first game didn’t go the way I would’ve liked, but I knew it wouldn’t go our way as soon as I spilled my coffee all over the parking lot at work this morning. On the up side, I love that we got an extra inning game and that Smaardzija held the Pirates for 7 innings like the boss that he is. He was a great pick for opening day, and I think will continue to be a great pitcher for the Cubs for at least a few more seasons, plus he has fabulous hair. Bro must condition regularly.

I’m not sure how I feel about this whole new expanded instant replay and the ability of the managers to challenge the way they do in football, but I do like that Skipper Renteria was the first to use it, I feel like he’s setting a precedent day one that “guess what, you instituted this new rule and the Cubs are going to use it damn it.” I could be wrong but at least the Cubs go down in the record books as the first to use the challenge, though Cardinals fans will likely just say we were the first to whine about a call we didn’t like this year. At any rate it was a very close call and I tend to agree with the umps, and I doubt it would’ve made a difference in the game anyhow.

No game tomorrow, the Cubs stay at PNC Park for Wednesday and Thursday and then head back to the North side for the Home Opener, which I’ll be attending! Get pumped folks, we’ve got a whole lot of baseball to come!


Sunday Funday #1

Happy Sunday funday folks. Opening day at Wrigley is a mere 12 days away, and for the first time in my life I’ll be there! I’m pretty damn excited to be at Wrigley for opening day of Wrigley’s 100-year anniversary. Yes that’s right, 100 years of Wrigley field, which means; the Cubs have not even won a world series since they began playing at Wrigley. The last time they won…1908, the Ottoman Empire was still a thing (found that on some listicle recently, don’t judge)
Anyhow, I’ll be up in Chi-town for opening weekend with my aunt, Elaine, who will henceforth be known to you all as Auntie E, because yea I’m basically a three year old. Auntie E got me my first baseball cap, and that’s when this depressing obsession began. I was three, she was a travel agent, I played t-ball, she went to Chicago, I greeted her upon her arrival home, and she gave me a hat. Boom, I’ve been a Cubs fan ever since. I thought it fitting that my first game as a season ticket holder should be spent with her. Oddly enough my family are not really baseball people. My mom and her two sisters don’t really “sport,” E plays golf and my mom and Kate play nothing. My Dad is a football guy and my Grandma’s sport is drinking wine. So the things Auntie E knew about the Cubs could basically be described as follows: loveable losers, Chicago, goats, and ivy. I ran with it, and now most of my family, despite not REALLY caring about baseball, support my team…or at least my love of my team.
I find nothing to be a better distraction from the aimlessness of life than sitting in the summer sun in a ballpark, drinking beer and then crying about a loss later in the day. I don’t really cry about it…ok sometimes I do, but I’m used to it by now. I love all baseball though; I don’t just have to be at a Cubs game, I’d just rather be at a Cubs game. I found myself at Texas Rangers stadium plenty of times this past year because I currently live in Dallas, while I’m not a fan it is a beautiful stadium and I encourage everyone to check it out, plus they have fireworks every Friday night and I am a huge fan of explosions (told you I was three.)
So for now I’m off to catch some spring training on TV and drink some beers with my sidekick Winchester. I’ll be back within the week.