Sunday Funday #1

Happy Sunday funday folks. Opening day at Wrigley is a mere 12 days away, and for the first time in my life I’ll be there! I’m pretty damn excited to be at Wrigley for opening day of Wrigley’s 100-year anniversary. Yes that’s right, 100 years of Wrigley field, which means; the Cubs have not even won a world series since they began playing at Wrigley. The last time they won…1908, the Ottoman Empire was still a thing (found that on some listicle recently, don’t judge)
Anyhow, I’ll be up in Chi-town for opening weekend with my aunt, Elaine, who will henceforth be known to you all as Auntie E, because yea I’m basically a three year old. Auntie E got me my first baseball cap, and that’s when this depressing obsession began. I was three, she was a travel agent, I played t-ball, she went to Chicago, I greeted her upon her arrival home, and she gave me a hat. Boom, I’ve been a Cubs fan ever since. I thought it fitting that my first game as a season ticket holder should be spent with her. Oddly enough my family are not really baseball people. My mom and her two sisters don’t really “sport,” E plays golf and my mom and Kate play nothing. My Dad is a football guy and my Grandma’s sport is drinking wine. So the things Auntie E knew about the Cubs could basically be described as follows: loveable losers, Chicago, goats, and ivy. I ran with it, and now most of my family, despite not REALLY caring about baseball, support my team…or at least my love of my team.
I find nothing to be a better distraction from the aimlessness of life than sitting in the summer sun in a ballpark, drinking beer and then crying about a loss later in the day. I don’t really cry about it…ok sometimes I do, but I’m used to it by now. I love all baseball though; I don’t just have to be at a Cubs game, I’d just rather be at a Cubs game. I found myself at Texas Rangers stadium plenty of times this past year because I currently live in Dallas, while I’m not a fan it is a beautiful stadium and I encourage everyone to check it out, plus they have fireworks every Friday night and I am a huge fan of explosions (told you I was three.)
So for now I’m off to catch some spring training on TV and drink some beers with my sidekick Winchester. I’ll be back within the week.


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