Mid Season Trades Will Be The Death Of Me

If there is truth to the MLB.com alert I got last night that Samardjiza and Hammel have been traded to the A’s I’m going to consider our season over and myself as very very sad. The Cubs are finally a reasonable number of games back (11.5) after yesterday’s win in DC of 7-2. They have gone 7-3 in the last ten games and Samardjiza was due to pitch in today’s outing against the Nationals, as of this moment no pitcher is listed for the game details and considering the Nationals are in 2nd place in the NL East this concerns me big time.
I’m also a BIG fan of Jeff S, and Hammel has been pitching really well as of late, despite the early losses of the Cubs this year I had a pretty good amount of faith in our pitching staff, we have a number of young talented guys on the roster, but none more spectacular than Jeff Samardjiza, for this reason I understand why Theo Epstein would want to get a good trade out of his star pitcher, however I’ve always hated mid season trades for a number of reasons. 1. I feel that the team you start the year with should be the team you end the year with, I know inside baseball and the “moneyball” aspect of it brings in another level of game play but I am a purist and I just plain don’t like it. 2. Team camaraderie; these guys have spent months together at this point, they are a TEAM this isn’t basketball where guys refuse to pass the ball to each other and act like whiney little girls if they get a leg cramp, it’s baseball the only mainstream sport that a person has no choice but to throw the ball to his teammates. A quarterback can run the football, a great hockey player can take the puck down and back without ever passing (unlikely because hockey players are bad ass), a soccer player can do the same as a hockey player and can also apparently be knocked on his ass by nothing but a breeze, and I’m pretty sure everyone knows how I feel about the NBA. But in baseball if at the very least the pitcher does not throw to the catcher, NOTHING can happen, the team aspect of this game is important and I feel it is important not to break it up. 3. The fans; I’ve grown to LOVE LOVE LOVE Jeff Samardjiza I have especially loved his magic this season but he has been solid for the Cubs for some time now and he has been part of the Cubs organization for several years playing with the Iowa Cubs in 2008, 09 and ’10 and in those years occasionally being called up to the majors. This guy could’ve been one of those long time organization players but according to reports we’ve gone and traded him. Don’t worry about all those #29 jersey’s you sold this year, the money is still in the pockets of the team, it’s just us fan’s who pay thousands of dollars a year to come to the games and drink the beer and buy the jersey’s who are outta luck.
Lastly can we look at this apparent trade for a moment? We’ve traded two amazing pitchers for 2 minor league guys and a pitcher with 1 win and a 4.93 ERA so far this season, now there is no question that Addison Russell looks like a hot prospect, he’s ranked number 11 on MLB.com’s top 100 prospects, but we all know that sometimes injuries happen, or the really young guys can’t hack it in the majors, so to throw away two starting pitchers on an unproven theory…I am at the very least skeptical of this move, not to mention Addison Russell is a shortstop and while Starlin Castro has had some struggles, he has turned the heat back up this year and he signed a 7 year contract back in 2012. I’m just not seeing the point in trading two of the best pitchers on the market, two pitchers who have played extremely well for the franchise this season and likely would have continued to do so, for the prospect of a 20 year old recently injured double A short stop, a mediocre at best, right hander and a 19 year old outfielder.


I believe

I believe
I believe that
I believe that we
I believe that we will win!
Now repeat that over and over again and we’ll totally sweep the Red Sox tonight.
I’m not a huge soccer fan but ya know ‘MURICA and all. So Bravo to Tim Howard at any rate and big ups for USA soccer getting further than I thought they would.
Now, more importantly, baseball. I’ve already put in a request with my Giants fan boss to make sure they kick the crap out of the Cardinals tonight, so clearly we’re all set on that front; and as of this very moment we are up 8-5 vs the Sox so maybe after tonight we can move up from 13.5 games back!
Hey at least we can take pride in knowing that thought we have the same amount of wins as the Astros they are 16 games back in their division. Yea kick ass!
Don’t forget to vote for Rizzo for the all-star team, he’s likely the only Cub who could make it a this point. :/
Go Cubs Go!

Out of State Ball

            I was in Miami…well Fort Lauderdale this past week visiting a friend. My tan is exquisite thanks for asking. I decided we needed to go to a Marlins game since I hadn’t yet seen ‘Marlins Park’ and well any baseball is better than no baseball. I am not a huge fan of the ball park, aside from the lack of other humans that even show up to Marlins game the whole total dome, indoor baseball thing is not very appealing to me, granted I’m happy we were covered otherwise my friend and I would’ve been sunburned, hot sweaty messes but still in general not a huge fan. It was also a terrible game; so terrible we left in the seventh inning. The A’s scored three runs in the top of the first; at that point I knew the game would be awful. The lack of good pitching battle lasted 14 innings. The only highlight was getting to see Reed Johnson again, you’re welcome Marlins, the former Cub had a big hit double in the second inning bringing in a run and most notably was the only Marlins player wearing his pants the right way, we all know I’m a stickler for that. The A’s finally ended it in the 14th with a score of 7-6.

            In general Saturday was an awful day for baseball as the Cubs played their first home day/night double header in more than 30 years and lost both games, the second after almost an hour-long rain delay. Thus the Nationals swept the Cubs and the tickets I sold went to another sad sad Cubs fan.

Tonight the Cubbies are in Bean town for a 3-day inter-league series vs. the Red Sox. As we speak my best friend and her family are at Fenway cheering on the Sox but currently the Cubs are ahead 2-0 in the top of the fifth. Here’s hoping the Cubs pull through with some wins in this series, it’d be nice to beat the Sox, despite how sad my bestie will be, but if the Cubs can dig themselves out of the 15 game back hole they’re in it would be really really nice.