Out of State Ball

            I was in Miami…well Fort Lauderdale this past week visiting a friend. My tan is exquisite thanks for asking. I decided we needed to go to a Marlins game since I hadn’t yet seen ‘Marlins Park’ and well any baseball is better than no baseball. I am not a huge fan of the ball park, aside from the lack of other humans that even show up to Marlins game the whole total dome, indoor baseball thing is not very appealing to me, granted I’m happy we were covered otherwise my friend and I would’ve been sunburned, hot sweaty messes but still in general not a huge fan. It was also a terrible game; so terrible we left in the seventh inning. The A’s scored three runs in the top of the first; at that point I knew the game would be awful. The lack of good pitching battle lasted 14 innings. The only highlight was getting to see Reed Johnson again, you’re welcome Marlins, the former Cub had a big hit double in the second inning bringing in a run and most notably was the only Marlins player wearing his pants the right way, we all know I’m a stickler for that. The A’s finally ended it in the 14th with a score of 7-6.

            In general Saturday was an awful day for baseball as the Cubs played their first home day/night double header in more than 30 years and lost both games, the second after almost an hour-long rain delay. Thus the Nationals swept the Cubs and the tickets I sold went to another sad sad Cubs fan.

Tonight the Cubbies are in Bean town for a 3-day inter-league series vs. the Red Sox. As we speak my best friend and her family are at Fenway cheering on the Sox but currently the Cubs are ahead 2-0 in the top of the fifth. Here’s hoping the Cubs pull through with some wins in this series, it’d be nice to beat the Sox, despite how sad my bestie will be, but if the Cubs can dig themselves out of the 15 game back hole they’re in it would be really really nice.


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