I believe

I believe
I believe that
I believe that we
I believe that we will win!
Now repeat that over and over again and we’ll totally sweep the Red Sox tonight.
I’m not a huge soccer fan but ya know ‘MURICA and all. So Bravo to Tim Howard at any rate and big ups for USA soccer getting further than I thought they would.
Now, more importantly, baseball. I’ve already put in a request with my Giants fan boss to make sure they kick the crap out of the Cardinals tonight, so clearly we’re all set on that front; and as of this very moment we are up 8-5 vs the Sox so maybe after tonight we can move up from 13.5 games back!
Hey at least we can take pride in knowing that thought we have the same amount of wins as the Astros they are 16 games back in their division. Yea kick ass!
Don’t forget to vote for Rizzo for the all-star team, he’s likely the only Cub who could make it a this point. :/
Go Cubs Go!


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