I have been absent for a while now. I hope to get better at this, to find a way to fit this into my schedule weekly and stick with it. For now, the end of season is upon us. The Cubs are in last place in their division as usual, however the Cubs have begun bringing up some of the youngsters for end of season play and they have been impressive, perhaps a bright spot on the horizon. Minor league prospect Kris Bryant has been named Minor League Player of the Year and Anthony Rizzo has smacked 30 home runs this season.
I have received my invoice for my 2015 season tickets and with that I think it fair to bid the 2014 season adieu. I didn’t make it to nearly as many games as I had hoped, nor did I sell nearly as many tickets as I had hoped however I’m hoping to at least double the amount of games I attend and sell for next year. If anyone out there would like some ticket info let me know (shameless plug for myself) If next season is to be anything like Back To The Future predicted then I can’t wait. Of course it is far too early to know what the Vegas Odds are for the 2015 season but I’m going with my gut and hoping for baseball magic. In fact I’ve read more than one article predicting the same thing, and maybe it is just hype due to a movie predicting the outcome of the world series, a fun idea to toy around with, but I think Theo is toying around with the same idea and really trying to make it happen. So for now, I plan to be here intermittently throughout the res of the 2014 season and the off season. I’ll leave you with this poorly edited musing, cut me some slack I haven’t finished my coffee, and a picture of Eddie Vedder throwing out a first pitch back in July, because Eddie Vedder is awesome. Hey?! When is Pearl Jam going to play Wrigley?!