Typical Cub Sehnnanigans

This weekend I headed to Chicago for my first game of the season. I brought my Mom with me, who hates baseball, but I think she had a good time anyway. I tried my hardest to teach her ‘Go Cubs Go’ in the hopes that the Cubs would win and that she would be trying to sing along and not say something like “what is a full count?” When I was a kid my Mom, Dad and I would go to occasional game at Shea stadium when the Cubs were in town, my mom came because it was a family event and would bring a book with her to the stadium, even as a 6 year old I was horrified.
Unfortunately after our great day roaming the city on Friday we headed over to Wrigleyville early Saturday morning to grab a drink at the Cubby Bear, where my Mother called me a bad influence because we had beers at 10am (the horror!) before heading into Wrigley to attend on field batting practice, which was freaking awesome, and then the game started….
Saturday was the epitome of a Cubs game. I was excited to see Arrieta pitch but was quickly brought back to Cub fan reality when Braun hit a two run homer off of him in the top of the first, this set the tone for the remainder of the game. In the second with two outs Gomez then hit a fly to short right field, Rizzo and Russell both took off at full speed, seeing this Soler backed off from his trot from deep right field. I don’t know if Rizzo and Russell weren’t calling each other off or what but I knew what was about to happen before they collided, heck even my Mom knew. The stadium let out a collective “gahhh son of a bitch!” followed by tentative silence while the two lay on the ground and play was stopped. Luckily neither was injured, but if the Braun homer hadn’t already set the tone the smack down in right field certainly solidified the situation.
After the second the game was fairly uneventful until the bottom of the sixth with a home run from Rizzo and only one out I had hope for a moment that the Cubs would come from behind but alas, our savior Kris Bryant struck out immediately after Rizzo’s homer and Montero lined out. Still, hope remained that there might be some shot to come back, though I knew deep down once the Cubs have a terrible start it rarely ends well.
In the top of the 7th the Brew Crew managed to up their advantage by another run and then the cherry was put on top when in the top of the 9th Schafer managed to turn what should have been an out, a single if he was lucky, into a run on errors. Castro made the scoop but behind and over the head of Rizzo, Rizzo ran to get the ball while Schafer kept running to third, Rizzo then made his own throwing error to Bryant, who from my seats, looked like he wasn’t expecting Rizzo to throw at all and when Bryant ran for the lose ball Schafer scored the 6th Brewers run and solidified the Cubs loss. At this point my Mom sympathetically patted me on the knee and handed me my beer.
I’m starting to think maybe I’m cursed too, since I bought my season tickets I haven’t seen the Cubs win at any game I’ve attended. I made sure to make all the pilgrimages this past weekend, prior to the Cubby Bear on Saturday I forced my Mother to have lunch at the Billy Goat on Friday afternoon, we had double cheezeborgers and drank old style and yet still no W when I come to town and to make matters worse I landed back in NJ to drop my Mom off and pick up my dog checked the score and the Cubs were down again…to the Brewers again!!! I really had high hopes going into the weekend. The Brewers, the worst team in baseball (confirmed by their reliving manager Ron Roenicke almost immediately after Sunday’s game, up against Jake Arrieta and the super hot Cubs at home, but alas no dice for this Cubs fan.
At this point its the top of the third at Busch stadium and I wish I had taken the over on this game. Cubs are up 6-4, lets all hope it stays that way to make up for the opening day loss and this weekend’s series loss to the worst team in baseball. Keep the faith Cubs fans.