Wild Card Days

As usual I have done a piss poor job of writing each week during baseball season, evidenced by my last post in May. In my defense I have been traveling a lot, and in reality when I haven’t been traveling I have been very lazy, but I’m back now and the Cubs have yet to be mathematically eliminated from the post season. In fact the Cardinals only recently clinched their position and due to the super strength of the NL Central it looks to be the Pirates and Cubs taking the Wild Card slots. The Cubs had a serious post-season prep rep this week winning a series against the Pirates in Pittsburgh and now about to sweep the Cardinals at home.

The youngsters are killing it but with all due respect to all of my future husbands, Kris, Kyle, Addison, Anthony and Jake, the Captain of this ship deserves much of the credit. Jake Arrieta’s record 19 wins this season has made him the pitcher to beat even if the Cubs are not yet the team to beat, but Joe Maddon’s mastery has changed everything. Starlin Castro is playing well again; a few big swings of the bat recently have proved that with 2 home runs and 8 RBI’s in the last 7 games. Joe is finding ways to work the young Kyle Schwarber into lineups consistently even after Miguel Montero was brought back form injury. Anthony Rizzo has been, as always, impeccable. I still think the catch he made last month by climbing on the tarp and falling into the stands is one of the 10 best plays of the season. Addison Russell has thrown himself all over the infield to make some spectacular stops this season, and some times just to end up with a shirt full of dirt but it’s refreshing to see someone make such great plays on a consistent basis, take yesterday’s dive and pick for instance. Today’s match up will see Jon Lester take on RHP Carlos Martinez, who has struggled recently but seems to have gotten his stuff back last week against the Brewers. It would make a great story to sweep our arch rival at home this weekend, plus it would put a bit of an edge on the boys in blue for remainder of the final home stand and hopefully propel them to be the Wild Card leaders over the Pirates.

I’ve purchased my playoff tickets and am ready to jet to Chicago on a moments notice for some playoff action. My personal curse has finally be lifted, I saw the Cubs win at home the last time I was there, I’ve never before been able to sing Go Cubs Go while at Wrigley. Finally in a miraculous weekend over the Giants in early August I sang, I danced and I had a happy red line ride back to my hotel. I also got to see the Cubs get no hit by Cole Hammels moments before he was traded by the Phillies on July 25th, it wasn’t how I’d like to see a game go, but seeing a no hitter non the less is pretty impressive.

If Maddon and the Cubs can keep going as strong a they have the last two weeks Back to the Future Part II may be a reality, except for the pesky part where they play Miami for the win. Hold on to your hats sports fans, we’re in for a bumpy October.