Cubs vs Pirates

The Wild Card is upon us and the moment we’ve all ben waiting for has finally arrived. Unfortunately that moment will not occur at Wrigley Field. No matter, Jake will take the mound on Wednesday night and the Cubs will go into the game with an 8 game win streak, the best starting pitcher of the second half in the MLB who is also up for the Cy Young , 97 wins, Anthony Rizzo who could potentially be the NL MVP with 30 home runs and 30 HBP, and Kris Bryant the likely NL rookie of the year.

As frustrating as a single game playoff is, the Cubs can handle it. Joe Maddon has spent the entire year, since day one, talking about the post season. Jon Lester has pointed out that the young Cubs have nothing to lose. These guys are all in. Arrieta is a workhorse, from everything I’ve read he does nothing but study and work out. Castro has made all the necessary adjustments to get his hitting back on track and has led the NL in batting in September with .426. Rizzo, at 26 years old the elder statesman of the infield, has 100 RBIs to go with his 30 HR and 30 HBP and has been consistently great at first base. Kyle Schwarber has fit in everywhere he has played. The bullpen is on point and the starting rotation has filled out quite nicely with the addition of Dan Harren. All told as long as they don’t get into their own heads the Cubs will beat the Pirates handily on Wednesday. Of course once that’s over we’ll face the Cardinals. The good news about facing St. Louis is that since they clinched the division they’ve lost three straight games and suffered a few key injuries. The NLDS between the Cubs and Cardinals will be a tremendous series, heck it could be better than the World Series considering that the NL central is so stacked.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so excited about a Wednesday but right now the anticipation is killing me! I’ll see you Wednesday sportsfans. Don’t anger any billy goats or black cats and don’t walk under any ladders until then. Cheers and Go Cubs Go!


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