The Struggle

Good Morning Cubs fans! I feel like I’m getting redundant when I say today is the moment we’ve all been waiting for, since I said this a week ago when the NLDS began and days before that for the Wild Card game, but we really have been waiting for this; the NLCS begins tonight! Jon Lester will take on Matt Harvey and the Mets at Citi Field. In the regular season the Cubs are 7-0 against the Mets which bodes well for our boys, however, the Mets have really hit their stride late in the season. Their bats are alive again and they have an excellent pitching staff so they are not a team I take lightly, in fact I think I would’ve rather seen the Dodgers in this series.

It has been difficult, life as a Cubs fan from New Jersey, currently living in Connecticut. Many of my closest friends are Mets fans, and the fact is they are almost as earnest in their desperation to win as Cubs fans are. The Mets, like the Cubs, have a storied history of losing and being the lesser of two teams in a major city. But let’s not forget that the struggle of the Mets and their fans pales in comparison to the Cubs. The Mets did not exist until 1962 after the Dodgers and Giants moved to California. After playing two years at the Polo Grounds in Queens the Mets moved to the brand new Shea stadium.  Their first World Series was won in 1969 only  7 years after the team began their career, a few years later in 1973 the Mets captured the NL East pennant despite a not so hot regular season record and went on to lose in the World Series with Yogi Berra as manager. After 73’ there was undoubtedly a drought….for all of 13 years. The oft remembered moment World Series baseball history when Red Sox Bill Buckner let a ground ball roll between his legs giving the Mets the win and forcing a game 7 which the Mets won 8-5. Many would blame the Red Sox curse of the Bambino for Buckner’s folly, but let us not forget that Buckner was once a Cub and the plague tends to follow players. After 86’  the Mets went through another drought, acting as the red headed step child to big brother Yankees throughout most of the 90s  but the new millennium brought them a subway series which the Yanks won 4 games to 1. Non the less, the Mets are not some team befouled by a centuries long curse, generations upon generations of fans have not gone to the ballpark only to be disappointed time and time again, there are people alive who have seen the last time the Met’s played in the World Series…heck there are living people who have seen them WIN a World Series. Somewhere in the world perhaps there is a 107 year old Cubs fan, hanging on for one last hurrah but in all seriousness when Mets fans tell me they understand the struggle, they have no idea what they’re talking about.

As I mentioned, growing up so close to NYC I have a LOT of Met fan friends. And despite the fact that I would’ve rather seen the Dodgers in this playoff, part of me was pulling for the Mets, out of respect to friends and because I think this is going to be one hell of a series. And should things not pan out, I’ll be ok losing to the Mets….a hell of a lot more ok than if the Cubs had lost to the devil birds last week. I do have a case of beer…and all my hopes and dreams riding on this series so really what I mean to say is Go Cubs Go.

Let us not forget that this week, this Wednesday, in fact is the day young Marty Mc Fly arrived in 2015, the day Cubs fans have made our own because upon Marty’s arrival he sees a billboard announcing that the Chicago Cubs have in fact won the World Series. I’ll be at Wrigley on Wednesday; I cannot imagine the antics that will ensue. For now let’s hope the Cubs can take at least one road game. Sorry Mets fans but I’ll always bleed Cubby Blue.


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