Let me start by letting you know that I had a blog a couple of years ago, in fact it still exists somewhere in the annals of the internet; as everything does. At any rate, this isn’t my first rodeo, however I was pretty darn bad at it the first time around. I stopped writing very quickly because I wasn’t invested in the topics. I was writing about news and politics and current events, and what I’ve realized since I stopped writing that blog, is that all that stuff is bullshit. I’ve worked in TV “news” long enough to know that nothing matters, there are no good guys, and everyone has a lobbyist. What I’ve also learned is that everyone is “the man” and no one has your best interest in mind except you, I know we make mountains out of molehills and ignore the small things that we actually can change, all for the sake of a 24-hour news cycle. I still get wrapped up in current events at times and when I do I drive myself crazy and it’s not a good place for me to be. So despite my nihilistic worldview I’ve decided to once again write about something. Full disclosure, I’m writing about something that really really really does not matter. No one will die, no lives will be saved, no one will lose their home or job and sadly panda’s will still be an endangered species, whether or not I continue writing; but this one small thing that I’m going to write about, it matters to me and it has since I was three years old and it serves as an excellent, though oft times disheartening distraction from the events of this world. What I’m going to be writing about here is the Chicago Cubs, but if you’re here you probably already know that. Let me also say this, I am not a person that spends every day watching sports center, or reading the sports page to find out about the latest trades and stats, I cannot recite what Ron Santo’s on base percentage in 1972 was and honestly I don’t want to know. I can tell you, that I love the Cubs, I know which players I really like and why I like them, and they may not be the best players, in fact they probably aren’t if they play for the Cubs. I can tell you I once met Pete Ricketts when he was a guest on the television program I work for and I was giddy like a schoolgirl. I can tell you that every spring I am filled with hope, and toward the end of each summer I am overwrought with sadness. This is the life of a Cubs fan form NJ, who now lives in Dallas…don’t worry all will be explained. The great news, and catalyst of this blog is that this past fall I got a phone call from a Illinois number, when I answered I was informed that my number on the wait list for season tickets that I had placed my name on ten years prior was about to come up and I would have the opportunity to become a season ticket holder. Now I’m a season ticket holder, which is awesome and scary but mostly awesome, more on all that later. Oh yea, I’m Eileen by the way, and I’ll be here at least once a week with my trusty dog Winchester at my side, so please feel free to comment and correct if you so chose and if not well…bye.


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